giovedì 26 febbraio 2009

DT nuovo assignment! P L A Y !

Kid playing with ball
© Photographer: Korat_cn | Agency:
Ed ecco il nuovo assignment di Dreamstime, il tema di questo mese è il gioco.
Per chi fosse iscritto al sito come contributor e volesse partecipare o per chi vuole soltanto votare le immagini migliori:

Everyone needs to have fun once in a while and this month it’s your turn to have a few laughs while capturing "play" in all its meanings.
For this assignment, we want images that show play and playing.

From children playing in the snow or running freely on the beach while flying a kite to kids who pretend to be superheroes while "dominating" the electronic game machines, from teenagers dancing and singing to the music they hear in their headsets to friends playing Twister, laughing, playing and photography can result in great images for this assignment...

Kids at the park
© Photographer: Korat_cn | Agency: