mercoledì 4 giugno 2008

On assignment - Dreamstime

Questo mese il tema del contest Dreamstime è il lavoro di gruppo.
Vi riporto quanto spiegato nella home del sito:


Organize your family into a team in the kitchen or out in the garden pulling weeds. Need to paint your apartment? Get your friends together for a painting party. People form teams to achieve success in business or volunteer projects. Catch people working together to reach any common goal in business or on a volunteer project. (Remember model releases are absolute assignments). Humans don't have a corner on teamwork. View the mighty ant. Start an ant farm that you can capture in images. Know a beekeeper that will open his hives for you to see? Perhaps you can show the strength of dog sled teams. Man and horse have been working side by side for centuries. A policeman and his canine partner solve crimes and catch bad guys. Keep in mind that a group isn't necessarily a team unless the members are communicating, even in the animal world. You need to illustrate the members of a team being in ...

C'è tempo fino al 15 di giugno e per parteciparvi bisogna avere un account attivo.
Io ho già un'idea nel cassetto... vedremo come andrà!

- Carla

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