venerdì 26 settembre 2008

Sports as hobby - DT

Dato che ho deciso di partecipare a TUTTI gli assignment mensili di Dreamstime.
Vi propongo quello nuovo dedicato allo sport:
This month's assignment is to photograph individual, recreational sports as you seek your personal best photos. Get a winning image of kayaking, swimming or golf. Now is a great time to go fly-fishing or climbing in the mountains. Staying in the city? Catch the joggers in the park or the skateboarders in their hip clothes. Find a retired couple on their bikes circling the lake. Photograph bodybuilders in the gym, bowlers at the bowling alley or the local dart champion. Capture a black belt in martial arts, a hang glider soaring over the cliffs or a surfer challenging a wave. We are looking for sports that we enjoy by ourselves or with our friends, sports we practice daily or weekly to keep fit, as hobby or mere leisure activity; no track meets or formal competitions.

Submissions end: 10/30/08


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