venerdì 7 maggio 2010


...ovvero illustrazioni gratis.
Dreamstime offre una sezione dedicata alle immagini free, illustrazioni e foto scaricabili gratuitamente e utilizzabili per i vostri progetti che non superino le 10.000 copie.
Come si legge nel sito ufficiale Dreamstime:

Limited Royalty Free Licenses (RF-LL) for using images downloaded within the Free section of the website

Dreamstime offers a free section, fully searchable and constantly updated. Its use may be available to all registered users or to a specific niche of members, depending on the agency's strategy. The high resolution images downloaded from the free section may be used under the terms mentioned for the regular Royalty Free license, with a single additional restriction: the maximum amount of copies is limited to 10,000 copies. If you exceed this amount and you already purchased credits you may request to download the image under the regular RF license.

Ed ecco una delle mie illustrazioni gratuite:
Stock Images - Rhythmic Gymnastics 3 - pink vectorial icon
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Vi ricordo che per scaricare le immagini gratis occorre registrarsi al sito.

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