venerdì 4 febbraio 2011


Aiuto: questo il tema dell'assignment di Dt di questo mese.
Illustrare le persone che fanno la differenza, azioni generose, che magari non cambiano il mondo, ma migliorano la vita di chi hanno intorno. Mi piace. :)

Riporto un passo dal sito:
There are many ordinary people acting to make an extraordinary difference around us and though they may not always change the world, they definitely change someone's world by simply helping the others. Such generous actions should never go unnoticed so the new “Help” assignment is your chance to bring them up front.

Acts of good will are never great or small, doing anything good is always admirable. As the saying goes, “nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”. It can be a neighbor stepping to carry a heavy shopping bag, a passer-by helping someone up after a fall on an icy road or assisting an old lady to cross the street, a friend bringing you soup when you're sick, a mother helping her child tie the shoelaces, a stranger pushing your broken car. Help can be both material and moral so tiny gestures such as an effortless smile or offering a shoulder to cry on can be lifesaving. Many heroic deeds pass unknown so don't forget those whose profession is helping the others: teachers, doctors, firefighters, therapists. While the rest of us may be occasional Samaritans, these people act to help, save, assist, comfort the others every day. We might think helping each other is limited to humans but we've often witnessed or heard of animals helping and even rescuing people.
Questa è quella che ho mandato io, online da oggi:

Everyone can need help
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